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EventsNowIndia (@eventsnowindia) Instagram Profile Photoeventsnowindia


Check image by EventsNowIndia (@eventsnowindia) with caption : "Runners! Join "Run To Breathe Spiti 2019" India's Highest Half Marathon at 12,000 Feet it's going to be a once in a life" - 2028969139372109044

Runners! Join "Run To Breathe Spiti 2019" India's Highest Half Marathon at 12,000 Feet it's going to be a once in a lifetime experience for all the adventure enthusiasts & leisure travellers. Hurry! RegisterNow: monday

Julie Schulze (@juliesrunninglife) Instagram Profile Photojuliesrunninglife

Julie Schulze

Check Instagram Image by Julie Schulze (@juliesrunninglife) with caption : "Boston Marathon 2019 Part 6... (yep, still going!) 😜
No matter how hard the race was, or how disappointed I was with how" at Boston Marathon Finish Line - 2028777934231615070

Boston Marathon 2019 Part 6... (yep, still going!) 😜 No matter how hard the race was, or how disappointed I was with how it went, running down Boylston Street is worth it! Reading the recaps of so many other runners has reminded me that running The Boston Marathon is about so much more than my finish time. It’s about the years of training that it took to qualify for Boston in the first place. Then the fight at the 2018 Boston, in the freezing rain, to requalify for Boston 2019. For me it also meant battling through a knee injury in 2018 (while skiing on Spring Break) just 5 weeks before Boston & dealing with a calf injury this training cycle off & on since October. l was also reminded that I’ve only run 6 marathons, 5 of those in the last 3.5 years. I’ve learned & improved so much during that time there’s no doubt I still have a lot to learn! I still don’t know whats next for me as far as racing goes, because honestly I’m not excited about training during the Texas Summer heat, but I am excited to JUST RUN! . . #marathonmonday

🏁RIP Nipsey Hussle🏁 (@nipseyhussleprolific) Instagram Profile Photonipseyhussleprolific

🏁RIP Nipsey Hussle🏁

Check Instagram Image by 🏁RIP Nipsey Hussle🏁 (@nipseyhussleprolific) with caption : "All💰In" at Unofficial: Nipsey Hussle - 2028765972898424735


B R i t t n e y   H u n t e R (@huskerboe.runs) Instagram Profile Photohuskerboe.runs

B R i t t n e y H u n t e R


How did they know it was my 3rd Boston?! I swear the internet didn't exist the first year I ran it 😆 I chose to train hard for this Boston- not for a specific time but to run well on #MarathonMonday. I ran the first half exactly how I planned, on the slower end of 1:40-1:45 so I could handle whatever Heartbreak hill 💔 & the humidity gave me, hoping for negative spits. I used my watch to keep me on track & at the halfway point I flipped it over so I could run as @deena8050 says, without limit 🏃🏻‍♀️ I was prepared for anything mother nature threw at us. And then the sun came out 🌞🔥 I think every runner on the course turned in disbelief, WTF? The sun was never in any weather forecast. Never. Unfortunately after a few miles the damage was done, no amount of Gu, salt tablets or montras could dig me out of the dark hole I had spiraled into. So I spent the last 8 miles giving every little kid I saw a high five, reading all the spectator signs, asking anyone in a celebration jacket who won the women's race {sadly nobody could tell me}, & at mile 22 when I saw my parents I almost cried because Scottie & baby B weren't with them. "He didn't come, did he?" Yes! He's changing B's diaper. Phewy. Ok, I'll wait. Turns out that warmth he felt on his belly was just sweat from standing in that damn sun 🤪 After waiting a few minutes with no sign of my boys I sadly started to run off and there they were! I got a quick hug in, Scottie told me I stunk real bad, and I finished the last 4 miles happy 😊 I'm disappointed I didn't run well, but my Boston experience was top notch 👌🏽 Going into the race I was scared the weather would be crappy for my family to stand in & deter spectators from coming out. So I guess the weather cooperated for them, and the loud screams were exactly what I needed in the end. . Now I'm just over here in true marathoner style, cherishing my bazaar Boston sun burn & tan lines plotting my next 26.2 . If you squint and tilt your head you can almost see me in the video I didn't make the @bostonmarathon highlight reel🤣 ❤️running

Second City Track Club (@secondcitytc) Instagram Profile Photosecondcitytc

Second City Track Club

@ariseabove ・・・ Boston and Boston Marathon your one-of-a-kind!!! Been a privilege to participate in your prestigious marathon and feel your storied course. Energy from residents, children, students, volunteers, first responders and spectators moved me. Hearing my name and ‘Chicago’ shouted throughout was appreciated. Made me look to my bib to see where my name and city is listed. It’s not. To the women of Wellesley College your ‘Scream Tunnel’ is the loudest and da best. - Course results were far from what I trained for. Stronger than I was before. One thing certain. Will work hard and keep taking steps in the right direction. Journey was about more than 26.2 or a finisher jacket. Looked nice didn’t buy it. Marathon Monday is a tradition filled with love, hope and perseverance. On “One Boston Day” we reflect, exemplify kindness, help others and come together unified. - Final day in Copley Square I had cannoli and conversation with a family from the South End. They drive in every year. As the mom got ready to head out she unpinned something from the top left pocket of her jean jacket, put it in my hand and said “This means a lot. Give this pin to your son.” - Boston and Boston Marathon you’ve woven energy through my heart. An honor to touch your start, privilege to cross your finish and walk forward with experiences that have enriched my soul and made me and the future Boston Stronger🇺🇸!!! - Thank you to my family for letting me run. This medal is yours. To my son. This 617 pin is for you. I love you very much♥️♥️♥️. Special thank’s to my running coach, teammates, and friends near and far💛💙🌼. - @secondcitytc@bostonmarathon@cityofboston@johnhancockusa #marathonmonday - 🔊Music © Artist: W&W & Nicky Romero Label: Protocol Recordings BV

🏁RIP Nipsey Hussle🏁 (@nipseyhussleprolific) Instagram Profile Photonipseyhussleprolific

🏁RIP Nipsey Hussle🏁

🤯Would you rather be at war with yourself and at peace with the world, or at peace with yourself and at war with the world. - @nipseyhussle

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Run Seanie Run

Tour Eiffel ReportShareDownload331.93K

Super important question by @runseanierun ! Are you a connoisseur or obsessed with ?? . . I’m more into trails myself ... but when you get to a wonderful city like then it would be a crime not to get out early for a jog around the epic areas and changing boulevards !!! Have u run in Paris ? . . #marathonmonday

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Love Marathons

Check image by Love Marathons (@marathons_love_vn) with caption : "Grab your #tshirt NOW by clicking the link in my bio (profile) 👉 @marathons_love_vn
👉 Buy it or you will lose it forever" - 2028473193349629167

Grab your NOW by clicking the link in my bio (profile) 👉 @marathons_love_vn 👉 Buy it or you will lose it forever!! 👉 Printed in the USA 👉 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 👉 DoubleTap & Tag a Friend below? 👉 Click the link in bio to get yours now @marathons_love_vn . . . monday

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Colton Gale

Check Instagram Image by Colton Gale (@americolt) with caption : "Four years ago I ran the Boston Marathon and felt like there were stones left unturned. I was unsatisfied with my experi" at Boston College - 2028447337403580541

Four years ago I ran the Boston Marathon and felt like there were stones left unturned. I was unsatisfied with my experience. Coming back this year was a long time coming and a tough thing to wrap my mind around. I've done a dozen or more marathons since then, only now realizing how inexperienced I was in 2015. Running Boston in 2019 meant more than a medal or an experience; it was a homecoming. While I only lived in Massachusetts for 2.5 years it is a largely influential part of my runner identity. Tapping into that was important in being able to hold my head high. We say that on Patriot's Day (Marathon Monday), everyone is a Bostonian. It felt like home. A feeling I hardly experienced even while living in the area. It was a feeling of satisfaction in that I could do no wrong as long as I kept my head high. No, I didn't run my goal time. I didn't even run my Plan B, C, or D times. Yes I spend quite a few miles feeling rough. But the beauty of being in front of a hometown crowd is that infectious indomitable spirit. Thank you to the city of Boston, to my wonderful family, to the best friends I could ask for, and to the runners and spectators for giving me something I'd hunted Massachusetts for years in search of. 📸: @rcarp2661