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Check image by Janessa (@jolly.curls) with caption : "A little over 2 months CG and I'm seeing some progress. It takes time and I'm learning a lot!

#curlygirl #curlygirlmeth" - 2027490298750686587
Irene Jalenti (@irenejalenti) Instagram Profile Photoirenejalenti

Irene Jalenti

A taste of "Rabo de Nube" from the live recording at Groove Studio featuring @ale_deflorio@bassport62 Lorenzo Fontana, and Carlo Battisti. This is a piece of music with a deep social meaning and was written by the great Cuban artist Silvio Rodriguez in 1980 (my year). "Rabo de Nube" means "Tail of a cloud" and it describes the desire of being able to wish for the tail of a cloud to come and swipe away all evil, sadness, and injustice while leaving space for joy and hope. ♥️ Esta canción cubana fue escrita por el gran Silvio Rodríguez en el año de mi nacimiento (1980). Es un pasaje de profundo significado social acompañado por la música divina. Este es un pequeño extracto de una performance en vivo en Studio Groove. . . . . #curls

Bella_human_hair_manufacturer (@tdhair_human_hair_supplier) Instagram Profile Phototdhair_human_hair_supplier



( ☉_☉)≡☞o────★ 9A straight Bundles 16 18 20 for reference whatsapp: +8613725270654 —————————————————————————— Order link: Disount code: bella Get 15 USD discount —————————————————————————— DHL worldwide fast shipping ✈️✈️✈️ 2-3 days to USA& Canada 3-5 days to Europe and Austrilia 4-7 days to Africa —————————————————————————— #curls

Hairshaft Salon (@hairshaftsalon) Instagram Profile Photohairshaftsalon

Hairshaft Salon

Check image by Hairshaft Salon (@hairshaftsalon) with caption : "Thank you ms. Barbie. #BarbieImperial 😍❤ 📍Podium --09178330822
📍Fort (BGC) --09209060828
📍Robinson's Ermita --0917536082" - 2027489712570550752

Thank you ms. Barbie. 😍❤ 📍Podium --09178330822 📍Fort (BGC) --09209060828 📍Robinson's Ermita --09175360822 📍Glorietta --09175537303 📍Vertis North -- 09399254370 #Curls

Urban Hair & Beauty Boutique (@urban0114252296) Instagram Profile Photourban0114252296

Urban Hair & Beauty Boutique

Check Instagram Image by Urban Hair & Beauty Boutique (@urban0114252296) with caption : " #hair #curls #eastrandhair  by Cherees @urban0114252296" at Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa - 2027489379785659956 #curls by Cherees @urban0114252296